Brand Experiences that Draw a Crowd

ATT DirectTV and U-Verse were looking to create lasting connections with superfans at large spaces for upcoming sporting events and conferences and needed experiences to draw and keep customer engagement. My team at Ohsome helped create an array of mobile, social and web experiences in record time to create just that. Many of the applications were cross-device with synced mobile camera shutters or swiping a ball from a phone up to a pc screen all of which required top notch networking code, hardware and testing. The system worked like a charm and was key to future major contracts for our company.

AT&T Digital Poster Maker, AT&T U-verse SEX Champion Photo Op, AT&T Country Deep Karaoke, AT&T Slow Mo, AT&T Digital Sport Shot

  • Category: Mobile, PC, Web
  • Tech Stack: iOS/Android, Bluetooth, Unity3D, C# ASP.NET, MongoDB
  • Client(s): AT&T
  • Project date: 2013-2017