Super Human App Improvements and Support

Marvel's S.T.A.T.I.O.N. needed help. Their software wasn't holding up to the usage they were getting, many were buggy and crashing constantly. They also needed new experiences to keep up with the ever expanding MCU. They approached my team to see if we could debug and improve a long list of existing applications as well as create a handful of new applications to supplement their station. We agreed and quickly got to work. Within a couple weeks we had addressed the worst offenders and were already well on our way with the new applications letting Marvel super-fans be able to compare their endurance to Captain America, compare their grip strength to the hulk and their worthiness to lift a hammer to that of Thor all integrated with custom hardware our hardware team designed. We also created several other interfaces and games that received great reception from the client and attendees across the world at all of their locations!

Marvel Hulk Crush, Marvel Captain America Bicycle Endurance, Marvel Thor's Hammer Challenge, The Attack on New York and more'

  • Category: Mobile, Hardware, Web
  • Tech Stack: Native iOS/Android, Angular, NodeJS, CouchDB
  • Client(s): Marvel Studios, Disney
  • Project date: 2015-2017