Insured Self-Service Claims + AI Appraisal Engine

Insurance companies are looking to be more efficient and empower their customers to share their claim information without needing to wait for a field appraiser. An expensive R&D operation had created an overly complex architecture that did not meet the needs of the customers. I was asked to take over development leadership of the project and arrange knowledge transfer of the downsized team while improving the user experience and architecture and deliver the app to market in a matter of a few months. The app was successfully piloted within a couple of months and launched 3 months later with white-labeling capability to work for several provisioned insurance companies saving several multi-million dollar contracts. We also integrated the application with an automated appraisal engine (A2E) that I oversaw for a time that used AI techniques to write damage lines to an estimate based on Audatex's extensive data on consumer and professional vehicle claims'

Digital Garage Claims, State Farm Pocket Estimate