Innovative City Engagement

Events DC was looking for ways to build interest, excitement and innovation for the District of Columbia. We were asked to become their technical partner and create for them a series of Google Cardboard and Vive games to entertain and educate visitors and locals. I coded an iOS kiosk app and backend platform to view and moderate upcoming events in the DC area. I also oversaw a team of developers (and helped them code many parts) working on the Unity3D Cardboard and Vive multiplayer games from design to delivery and support. We created a reporting dashboard to track the usage across all applications as well as data allowed to be shared by the customers.

Events DC Explore for Google Cardboard, Events DC Head to Head VR Bicycle Race, Events DC Mobile Kiosk

  • Category: VR, PC, Mobile, Web
  • Tech Stack: Oculus/Vive/Google Cardboard, Virzoom, Native iOS/Android, Unity3D, CouchDB
  • Client(s): Events DC
  • Project date: 2015-2017