VR PC/Cardboard, Mobile Apps and Data Platform

Banking is looking to distinguish itself by greater outreach to its customers with more advanced tools to make their customer's lives easier. Wells Fargo worked with us on an array of iOS, Android and VR experiences for all of their sporting and activist events. I led the development efforts on the mobile/VR division to become a major revenue generator for our events marketin year after year. All this marketing outreach was unified into a "single pane of glass" for them to learn from and make better business decisions and better connect with their current and future customers

Wells Fargo Treasure Quest VR, Stagecoach Ride VR, Advisor VR Maze Challenge, Photo Op, Registration System and Activity Data

  • Category: VR, PC, Mobile
  • Tech Stack: Oculus/Vive/Google Cardboard, Wizdish, Native iOS/Android, Unity3D, CouchDB
  • Client(s): Wells Fargo
  • Project date: 2013-2017